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Moringa leaves are alternate, 7-60 cm long, tripinnately compound with each pinnate bearing 4-6 pairs of leaflets that are dark green, elliptical to obovate, and 1-2 cm in length. Tear drop shaped leaves grow faster when the plant matures and pruning. Moringa leaves, in fresh or powdered form, can be added or sprinkled in salads, cooked like spinach or other steamed vegetables, or included in soups, curries, and gravies. The leaf powder retains a deep green consistency when fresh-a good sign also that your leaf powder is of a high quality.

S KONNECT offers Dried Moringa leaves from our Organic certified captive and contract farms in Southern India where the nutritional quality and yield is achieved as high. We follow proper drying techniques to control the temperature less than 48 deg C to preserve the greenness and to retain the nutritional absorption. We do take care the cleaning process in a dust free contained environment and stored in Proper Packaging materials.